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Why Buy Swim Spas?
SpaRelax Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 10, 2017

A swim spabrings the freedom and enjoyment of open-water swimming right to your home. With standard-sized models that are only 15 feet in length and less than 8 feet wide, they're designed to fit into any backyard, patio or recreational area and can be used indoors or outdoors. They also feature a wide selection of optional molded shells and attractive cabinets that enable you to install them in a custom deck or leave them as a freestanding unit above ground or in-ground.


Used for a variety of purposes, including swimming, exercise, rehabilitation and relaxation, modern swim spas generate a steady water current that creates a set level of directional resistance. This is achieved by pushing or pulling water from the front to the back of the tub. For more information, view our articles on swim spas.


The Basic Features


Swim spas are powered using one of three types of water flow or current: jet propulsion, rotating paddle wheels and a propeller. Each type provides unique benefits, but depending on your intended use and whether you're a serious athlete or someone who's just looking for some casual exercise and fun one type of water flow may work better for you than another. Each type of water flow is covered in detail below in the Swim Current section.


Though each brand offers its own range of types and sizes, you'll usually find spas that fit into one of four categories based on length. Again, depending on your intended use and the number of people you want to accommodate, size influences the functionality of your tub. In fact, one type of swim spa (the 10 to 11-foot length) is actually not designed for swimming at all, but more about that in the Types & Uses section below.


Featuring foam insulation, swim spas are also popular for their cost-effective operation, especially when compared to a full swimming pool or hot tub. In fact, some brands report operational costs as low as $2 a day. And though we delve into detailed pricing info later on, it's worth noting that the cost of a swim spa is often half that of a standard swimming pool. On average, you can expect to pay $8,900 to $23,000 for a swim spa versus $21,000 to $45,000 for a swimming pool (not including the deck).


This Buyer's Guide covers everything you need to know about swim spas, including:


The types of swim spas and their intended use

Individual spa components and how they're constructed

Popular brands

What you can expect to pay

After you've soaked up the information, don't forget to fill out our free quote request form. It connects you with qualified dealers in your area who can answer any additional questions and help you choose the best model for your situation.

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