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Top Ten Tips For Buying A Portable Spa Or Hot Tub
SpaRelax Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 20, 2016

SpaRelax CEO Tony has compiled his top ten tips for consumers to consider when buying a SPA. These tips can also help spa retailers engage with potential buyers as they investigate what they really want, and how they can help them achieve it.



Have you chosen the best location? Is it close to an electrical outlet? What surface is the ground? Do you want it to be visible from internal living areas (which often entice you to use it more often) or located somewhere private?


Do your measurements before you buy? Will the  SPA fit in your chosen area? Will you have enough space to walk around it after it is installed?


How many MASSAGE seats do you need for SPA ? How many people are you catering for?


Will your SPA be used primarily for entertainment or for massage therapy?


Look at the jet distribution. Will they create enough bubbles and massage points for your needs?


Seating arrangements: How many lounges or recliners do you want? Do you need deep and wide bucket seats? Families generally like two recliners – one for mum and one for dad – and steps for little children.


What colors are available for the SPA acrylic shell and the cabinet? Do they suit your décor?


What sort of warranty does the company offer?


Is the SPA energy efficient? Are you able to reduce running costs? Energy efficient pumps with a high efficiency rating and a hard cover kept on the spa when not in use will help to reduce ongoing running costs.


Will you be able to easily source parts or service support if required?

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