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Swimming Pool Bugs How To Solve
SpaRelax Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 28, 2015

Pool appeared worm do? many people will think of changing the water, but change out water or insects into the swimming pool? Do?

To talk to us about the pool source of bugs. With spring of coming, various of bug to has growth of peak, especially due to added chlorine volume insufficient and the turbidity high of situation Xia, and human with into pool of hair, and skin chip, and saliva, and lipstick lipstick, sent oil, oil, urea, cumulative for bug provides has enough of nutrition, and temperature also compared suitable easy growth (generally, bug growth temperature in 5-30 ℃ Zhijian, most suitable temperature for 20-25 ℃, 28-30 ℃ can maintained must of growth, 30 ℃ above growth stop, Dormant below 5 deg c, 0 c leads to death.), so as to pool the worm appeared.

How to kill bugs at a swimming pool? First join in the swimming pool this priduct non foaming algaecide, priduct non foaming algaecide can not only kill algae and other micro-organisms, can also inhibit the growth of insects, bugs exposed to body of non-foaming algaecide protease is compromised, cannot participate in the activity of redox system, metabolism disorder caused by death. Dosing method in the evening after the operation, you can press 1 ton of water investment and consumption of 10 grams, while by the pool waters 2 bottles of non-foaming algaecide, especially places where there are more bugs can take no foaming algaecide, square-shaped swimming pool, in the four corners in more non-foaming algaecide. If the results are bad, review this again the next day. In order to completely inhibit the growth of insects, priduct disinfection tablets can be used for shock treatments, 1 ton of water dosing priduct chlorine tablets 3 tablets daily high chlorine continued to maintain, you can press 1 ton of water dosing priduct disinfection tablets 2 tablets to ensure 1PPM chloride, 5-7 days.

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