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SpaRelax Upgrade X Yang Control System In 2017 (Spa Hot Tub Control System)
SpaRelax Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 08, 2018

Regarding the X-Yang control system:

1, 10 dual backup ports of all the electrical parts make maintenance much easier. 

2, backup panel,  if the mail panel on the top is broken, there is a backup panel on cabinet, in this case, distributor don't need to solve it too urgently, user can use the backup panel first. This will reduce after-sales trouble.

3, Waterproof rating IP65 panel

4, Smart lock, parents can lock the keys on the panel to prevent children operation.

5, Connected with heat pump directly, no need heat pump relay box. 

6, Print your logo on the panel

7, There is LED lights for each channel fault prompt function, use for end user to judge the problem by themselves. So the distributors don’t need to send a technical staff to door service and it save the door to door cost for dealer.

8, small control box, to save spa inside space.


Here attached four photos of X-Yang control system and brief introduction for you to have a first reference. Looking forward to have a farther discuss. 


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