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SpaRelax Sponsor The 2015 " Wave Riding Cup " Sailing League
SpaRelax Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 27, 2016

SpaRelax sponsor the 2015 " wave riding Cup " Sailing League

The morning of october 17, held in wave riding 2015 " wave riding Cup " Sailing League Finals successful conclusion. SpaRelax partnership with China Vanke wave riding yacht club sponsor the 2015 " wave riding Cup " Sailing League, Committed to providing Yacht Club members with unprecedented fashion social life of health services.

We delivered our 12 person Party Spa Jacuzzi on the site, to show the different social life with warm Massage Spa hot tub.


Wave riding Yacht Club is located in the east of Shenzhen Bay to catch the famous Orange River, perched the second peak Qiniang in Shenzhen, facing the scenic Daya Bay, north of Red Bay, south of Mirs Bay, east is the vast expanse of The Pacific Ocean.

In the evening, a fashion dinner organized on Sailing League, SpaRelax Carrying 9 seater social Outdoor Party whirlpool Spa together to participate in the dinner, Our swim spa attracted a lot of members attention and praise. At the end of a day of races, mental fatigue, muscle pain, then lay into the hot tub spa with hot water, start to enjoy the Massage Spa, drink wine, listen to some music, facing the sea. . ….

    Recently, Li Yinhe published a autobiography "human nectar mind" first time in her life, Memories and shared her "honey life". Sharing a life and values - "honey Philosophy”, Which have some impressive, She said: "how to face their own life like a sesame? The only thing I want to understand is happy and comfortable to live on my own lives. In front of the Creator, each of us are too small, but for myself, I just my own world. So my body is comfortable, my joy is spirit, is the whole meaning of my existence.” This is the philosophy what SpaRelax always passing on: Life is to indulge and enjoy, do not like the hero in romantic drama.

   Take SpaRelax Outdoor Jacuzzi Spa, you will get a different life!



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