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Small Spa Knowledge Quiz
SpaRelax Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 28, 2015

1. bath even when you bang hot spring, why lose weight?

Filter by 38 ℃-42 ℃ hot fusion Hou, can uniform release SO42-, and Na+, and Fe, has weight loss drop fat function of effect ion, dang body in 40 ℃ around of Spa in the soaking 10 minutes around Hou, human body of 150duowange pores opened, spa water of far infrared system and spa water in the by containing of weight loss effect mineral elements, can through high permeability fast into human, and stimulus body blood cycle, accelerated metabolism, to mobilization fat consumption burning, added human energy, And, ultimately, through the skin, liver and kidney metabolism from the accumulation of fat. This process although the Spa without exercise, but weight-loss effects of mineral elements in the body by speeding up metabolism, energy-consuming sport, fat burning, achieve the static weight of special effects.

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