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Shanghai Communications Quality List Of Qualified Pool Urea Not Exceeding
SpaRelax Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 28, 2015

In recently of swimming places health supervision check in the, Shanghai health family planning supervision institutions continues to will supervision focus put in pool cycle disinfection facilities, and water health index (free sex more than chlorine, and bacteria total, and colorectal bacteria group, and urea, and PH value, and turbidity,), and water detection equipment, and customer supplies appliances cleaning, and disinfection, and cleaning, link, and strengthening on early check in the found problem units of review. Discovered in the inspection, 16 swimming water quality testing results are not qualified, Megafit 7 swimming due to aerobic bacterial count is not qualified or excessive urea is serious, swimming has been in accordance with the public health regulations closed requires its water purification and disinfection, inspection can only be opened to the public.

In addition, health family planning oversight body also found 10 swimming places without hygiene permits unauthorized business, health management and health facilities have defects and other problems, administrative penalty according to law. Health family planning oversight body has ordered these water quality testing are not qualified swimming rectification of the problems and check and instruct, requires operators of swimming to strengthen circulation cleaning disinfection and water quality, guaranteed pool for water.

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