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Rainy Outdoor Pool, How They Manage
SpaRelax Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 28, 2015

With the coming of the rainy season, more pool problems, especially in the coastal areas, this situation is more serious, and sometimes the rain is good for a few days, and brought a lot of problems, and algae, water color, PH value, worms, the water cloudy, floating in a pool or mud on the bottom of the pool, and so on.

1. long algae. With rain water into the pool, swimming pool into the dirt, dust, and gas suspended in the air, bacteria, suspended particles and algae spores, etc. With the rainwater, will consume a lot of chloride, into pollutants for algae growth to provide sufficient oxygen, so long algae is one of the more common problems. We will use algae four steps to solve the algae problems. First step to cast this priduct algaecide or non-foaming algaecide algicide, in serious cases, dosages for the usual twice. Put this priduct algaecide within 12-24 hours after appropriate disinfectants. Second vote this priduct disinfectant dosages for twice times the usual. Third vote priduct PH increasing agents or PH+, regulate PH between 7.0 and 7.8, you can use the test kit

Test the PH of the water, if the PH is greater than 7.8, you can use this priduct PH-; if PH is below 7.0, you can use this priduct PH increasing agents or PH+. Fourth cast priduct precipitant or clarifying agent of the enzyme, and suction.

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