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Pool Water Quality And Water Treatment
SpaRelax Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 28, 2015

Ozone swimming pool water treatment technology of security issues:

Ozone is harmful to humans has been confirmed, prevent it from adverse people associated with two factors: one is the amount of ozone in the air should not exceed 0. 1ppm, it is not hard to do, because at about 0. 01ppm people's sense of smell can be found in the presence of ozone, and adopt corresponding measures to avoid the occurrence of accidents, this ozone generator products there were strict instructions to their suppliers, so as long as in accordance with requirements. Two is chloramines and trihalomethanes in swimming pool (THM), chloramine is smelly but highly unlikely is, in itself, a fungicide, and removal of THM compounds; THM is an issue of concern of many medical experts.

World would require the highest THM levels in the pool water standards should be lower than 100 µ g/l. This requires most ozone sterilization technology is completely satisfied. The recent World Federation (FINA), "FINA2002-2005 book" THM tolerances as 20 μ g/l, the evaluation found that as long as the strict operation, reducing the dosage of chlorine, this target can be achieved. UV and O3 combined one machine in this regard calls for even higher. 100 μ g/l is now drinking, THM levels in the pool water does not so stipulate, as also to 100 μ g/l requirements, some chlorine treated pool estimate is difficult to achieve, foreign 70-80 THM levels around μ g/l 150-450, because THM index limited, pool owners application of ozone sterilization technology. Through the holding of the 2008 Olympic Games in China, THM index has reached the World Federation of swimming pool water request, greatly promoted the development of ozone treatment swimming pool technology and its application in China.

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