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Offering Spa Days For Disabled Residents After Unveiling New Spa Hot Tub
SpaRelax Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 20, 2017

A DAY centre is offering spa days for disabled residents after it unveiled its new Spa hot tub Spa.

Gorse Covert Day Centre has had the hot tub installed thanks to fundraising efforts.

Catalyst Choices, which runs the Adlington Court day centre, hopes that the 'one in a million' Spa hot tub will help improve the mobility and mental wellbeing of service users.

Area manager Lisa Best said: "Part of our services focus on providing a wide ranger of quality daytime opportunities for adults with learning disabilities, acquired brain injuries or physical disabilities.



"The majority of these services can be provided in our local communities, accessing buildings and activities available to everyone.

"For people who have multiple and complex needs, our main centre at Gorse Covert has specialist, modern facilities.

"Gorse Covert recently had the grand opening of their one in a million swim spa, Spa hot tub and relaxation area.

"This was the result of amazing fundraising efforts and Catalyst Choices investment.

"Months and months of hard work and effort has gone into transforming this space into a relaxing, luxurious and calm space for their service users to enjoy and love."

The Spa hot tub is designed to improve blood circulation, relieve chronic pain and encourage cell regeneration in service users with little to no mobility.

Lisa added: "The Spa hot tub is a fantastic design which will improve service user's health and wellbeing.

"Coupled with the swim spa, which will increase opportunities for physiotherapy and support mobility, this is a bespoke facility for the people of Warrington.

"This amenity will provide stress reduction and relief, soothing sore joints and muscles and simply feeling better about oneself.

"When the body is submerged in water it offers true balance, supporting people who can spend large amounts of their time with restricted mobility to stand and move around, supported by our team of carers."


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