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Spa Swimming Pool“Shui Niao Huan Le Pai”Experience Center
SpaRelax Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 20, 2016

 spa “Shui niao huan le pai”,a subsidiary of Sparelax Experience Center officially opened

                                                                                                                                                                   By Sparelax hot tub

January 6, 2016 morning, outdoor swim spa company, the Shenzhen Sparelax Sanitary Ware Co.'s Long Hua Yuekang household brand experience center officially opened. “Shui niao huan le pai” as Chinese number one brand of smart SPA bath, this work together to establish flagship Le Kang home experience center designed to conform to Shenzhen "City North Extension" grand strategy, with the trend :"north of Shenzhen, home to the north".


        New flagship center located in the " Museum of Chinese Social Life experience the bathtub ", while supporting and Fusion Spa Experience, health, leisure, salon meetings, tea and wine tasting, intelligent living space and feature a wide range of activities, full subversion?



Advantage brings confidence, confidence in power. Sparelax will always focus on the only spa bathtub area has always been concerned about user demand for healthy living, always committed to providing better consumer experience with.2016, are you?


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