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Jack Ma: The Latest Study And Judge Of 2016 China Economic Situation
SpaRelax Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 14, 2016

       At the beginning of this year, Jack Ma, as the Zhejiang Association President, made a very important speech in "2016 Zhejiang Economic Situation Study and Research Meeting” , which absorb the world's attention and absolutely shocking! In addition to sharing the economic situation and predict how entrepreneurs should respond to crises, Jack Ma, also talk about the difference between China and the US consumer market, commodity price trends, China's stock market, the difference of entrepreneurs and professional managers, the organization and revolution of management, corporate strategy and tactics as well as the impact of layoffs, etc., The speech is so exciting and inspiring!


         1, " About the economic situation," the bad news is that the economic situation is bad, even it will keep a long-lasting time; while the good news is that all of us are not good.


         2, "About corporate governance" , enterprise reform is like tooth extractions. On one hand, the economy will continue declining and needs of market will contract in demand for future global; on the other hand, when the market mechanism increasingly sophisticated, your corporate culture unsuited,  personnel unsuited, organization unsuited, either your internal mechanisms unsuited! So we must reform


         3, "A bout the future of China's Wave," first consuming driven, Chinese market will be the most unique market. As long as deeping into Chinese market, finding out the law, you will find the opportunity; secondly, reform point, anti-corruption and poverty eradication will bring opportunities , which need careful study; thirdly, science and technology point, every technological revolution has a opportunity of 50 years , that is 20 years technology + 30 years applications, as the Internet in China just developed for 20 years,  the future applications will exceed all our imagination!

        4. "About user ' if you are not a consumer or user-driven business company in future, you will definitely come to a dead end because the customer always comes first. Consumers demandyou transparent, ask your to share, made you have unique styles, which is a major trend in future!


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