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Guangdong Swimming Pool Sampling Schools Most Health
SpaRelax Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 28, 2015

Wei prison total of swimming water quality monitoring unit 1898, school swimming spots for 76, other swimming spots for 1822. Monitoring found that qualified units: 1566, school swimming, 67 are found qualified, other swimming spots 1499 water General swimming pool was 82.5%, school swimming 88.2% for other swimming places a pass rate of

Indicators of eligible are: total bacteria 95%; coliforms 98.6%; 93.5% urea; turbidity 99.9%; swimming pool water chlorine 90.4%; immersion foot pool chlorine 94.8%;pH

Province Wei prison by analysis, this year pool water rate than Qian years has improve, but not qualified situation still exists, main reasons is part places hardware facilities not perfect, as not configuration cycle purification water system or system aging damaged, part community legacy swimming pool not installation automatically added drug device or automatically voted added device cannot normal using, only by experience artificial free voted added disinfectant, caused more than chlorine content partial high or partial low.

In addition, some places to swim in order to save costs, not implement new water measures according to the request, resulting in excessive urea. Parts management places emphasis on swimmers, resulting in some beach-goers without a mandatory shower disinfection measures and dipped their feet into the pool for a swim, or even individual residential swimming pools allow parents and children into playing by the pool without changing shoes. There are some hygiene management system is not perfect, failing to establish health emergency response plan for accidents, and accidents disposal problems.

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