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Creates A Pool Which Equipment You Need?
SpaRelax Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 28, 2015

Under normal circumstances, whether it is the hotel's spa or swimming pool hot tub,

Basic equipment to each other, demanding piece is the water, seemingly only one function, so what equipment do I need? the bottom let me introduce:

Pool what equipment is needed?

1, hot tub automatic filtration system (swimming pool water treatment equipment), what equipment is needed?

Cycle filter pump (brand name Optional: puke-Shi and the United States, and Italy love grams, Spain Ascot, emaux, Australia radar ... ... )

High pressure sand filter (brand name Optional: puke official United States live, Italy love grams, Spain Ascot, emaux, Australia radar ... ... )

Filter sand (quartz sand)

2, disinfection system (swimming pool water treatment important link, quality standards directly influence the opening up)

What equipment is needed in any disinfection equipment?

Dosing pump

Dosing device

Ozone generator

3, lighting (lamps beautify the pool under water)

Pool Wall lamp

Waterproof cable

4, automatic temperature control system (make sure the temperature of the water in the pool)

Fully automatic heating furnace

Water-water heat exchanger (commonly known as the plate heat exchanger)

Temperature controller

Electric valve

5, cleaning equipment (brush the pool, leaf nets, telescopic poles, pool suction head, a wire brush)

6, the pond bank facilities (escalator, departure)

7, water quality testing equipment (water quality monitoring, water test kit, water temperature gauge)

8, installed water pipeline fittings

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