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SpaRelax Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 11, 2017

In the hot tub, there are bubbles and there is foam. Big difference.  Bubbles are made as water is mixed with air and sent through the jets with force by a jet pump.  Bubbles help you relax and give a spirit of playfulness to your hot tub experience. Foam is the result of jet bubbles holding their shape after the jets are turned off. Foam forms because the water has contaminates such as body lotion, suntan oil or soap residue that hasn’t been oxidized or picked up by the filters. Bubbles form, are coated with “junk” and don’t pop! (Ever been to a public hot tub/spa and seen lots of foam? Hope you didn’t get in. 


 Warning: Never get in a foamy tub. It’s a clear indicator that the sanitation is not at proper levels.)

Soap residue is a strange thing.  With the Western Washington soft water it’s very hard to rinse soap out of clothing.  I always ignore the soap manufacturer’s recommendation to use 1- 1/2 cups per load and sprinkle in less than 1/4 cup for even the largest loads.  Soap residue left by the large amounts that manufacturers recommend will not rinse out in our soft water unless you run the whole load again with no soap.  Soap residue is responsible for early deterioration of clothing…and the ruin of many a good batch of hot tub water.


Backyard Scenario: neighbors come over for a dip wearing their swim suits. Foam develops because your neighbors have most likely done what all other SpaRelax swimming pool swimmers have done: washed their suits with soap in the washer.

Either: request no suits (!) or ask that suits that have been washed with soap not be worn in the tub. There’s no need to “wash” a swimsuit. Just a quick rinse to get rid of swimming pool chlorine is all that’s needed.

In case you do get a bad case of the “foams” in your SpaRelax hot tub, then you have to change fresh water ,and deep clean your spa and the filter, meanwhile, use some chemicals to keep the water clean and clear longer.

Contact with the professional guy Cason from SpaRelax, if you need further help.  


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