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Acrylic SPA Cleaning And Maintenance
SpaRelax Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 28, 2015

A, mild surface stains

You can use soft bristled toothbrush dipped in bleach and water to scrub the surface of the waste, which can remove stains, also remove mold. Encounter difficult to rub the stain, you can use half a lemon dipped in salt to clean or coated with soft bristled toothbrush toothpaste with whitening function scrub on turpentine also works very well at this time. For scale, weekdays cleaning toilet products work just as well, if you do not like the pungent flavor lemon and white vinegar can also be used the more natural methods. Do not use cleaner w/fade, especially when you home bathtub with a color. Dealing with mold and bacteria that cause Mycosis, bleach and peroxide water dry immediately after washing.

Second, repaired the scars

Bathtub installed do not move without permission, you need to move position, must contact the professionals. Do not hit with a hard object, hit the surface, causing bruising or scratches. Acrylic bathtubs if you need to repair a Dim or scratched part, wipe clean cloth mixed colorless solution of automatic grinding hard, and then coated with a clear protective wax. Please do not place wax, to prevent slipping.

Three, weekly clean

Cleaning acrylic bathtub with a sponge or cloth, do not use rough cloth, cleaning cloth, do not use any cleaning agents containing granular objects, it is best to avoid direct sunlight and high temperature contact of the cigarette butts. Available mild detergent (such as dish detergent), do not use abrasive cleaning agents.

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