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What are ozone?

SpaRelax Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 28, 2015

Ozone generation

Ozone commonly prepared by two methods: UV radiation and corona discharge method. UV generator used in small amount of water, relatively simple and economic, but the concentration is low, not exceeding 0.1%; limited production, generally only a few grams/hour, efficiency is very low, only applicable to Jacuzzi and small swimming pool. Corona discharge ozone generators high efficiency, ozone concentration and yield large pool of circulation flow rate in more than 10 tons per hour, this ozone generator should be used.

1.1 UV ozone generator

Small pool and hot tub available UV ozone generator. By irradiation with UV wavelengths below 200nm ordinary air ozone. When enough UV energy and oxygen, oxygen molecule splits into two free single atoms of oxygen, these single atoms collide with other molecules of oxygen generates ozone molecules. Ozone generator yields determined by the following factors: the energy and wavelength of ultraviolet light, UV light around the space, temperature, humidity and oxygen in the air and the volume of air flow through the generator.

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