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Summer hut tub cleaning tips

SpaRelax Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 28, 2015

spa tub cleaning

Daily cleaning, 1 spa free liquid detergent and a soft cloth is not clean with washing containing ketones or chlorinated water. Disinfecting, disable the formic acid and formaldehyde-containing disinfectants.

2, recommends using granular detergent mixed with water to clean a spa bathtub, avoid using the cleaning agent for ceramic tile or enamel surface.

3, do not use liquid detergent containers long bathtub surfaces, do not use sprays or thinner or other similar cleaning product.

4, please do not let the nail oil, nail oil, dry liquid detergents, acetone, or other solvent into contact with acrylic paint to the surface.

5, corrosive cleaning agents remain in the acrylic surface can cause damage, note that thoroughly after each use clean the acrylic surface, do not let the cleaning agent into the circulatory system.

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