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SPA power consumption

SpaRelax Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 12, 2016

SPA power consumption is depend on the using time, temperature setting, and insulation.


1.    Normal, when the massage pump is working, power consumption of each pump is 2.25Kwh. So it is also depend on the time of using spa. Our factory setting is that the massage pump will be stock working after 15 minutes or 30 minutes each time, it will save the power.

2.    When the heater is working, power consumption is 3 kWh. The heater working time is depending on the model and temperature setting.

Our system have three model: StandardEconomySleep


Standard Mode: This mode operates the heater whenever needed to maintain the programmed spa water temperature.

Economy Mode: This mode operates the heater and heats the spa to the desired set temperature only during filter cycles.

Sleep Mode: This mode is best suited for extended leaves from home when it is not important to maintain constant water temperature, such as vacations or business trips or in winter. This mode heats the spa to within 20°F (11°C) of the set temperature.

When you don’t use the spa, you could set the model to Sleep model.


There are below three methods to save the power: 

1. Add a good insulation:  PU Foaming, bubble foil, 35mm polyform on wood frame and bottom, spa cover etc.

When you have above insulation, the heater can up to 3-4 Celsius, this can cut of the time of heater working.

2.Using the heat pump instead of heater, 3KW power can save 0.75kw

3.The most save power methods is that let the spa empty when you don’t use it.

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