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hut tub Spa Protection In Cold Winter

SpaRelax Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 27, 2016

hut tub Spa Protection In Cold Winter


         Winter can be one of the most enjoyable times of the year to enjoy your hut tub spa. But it is too cold in winter in some place, such as North Europe, New Zealand. So we should protect the Outdoor Spa in your Garden.       It is difficult to get water out of the Spa plumbing lines. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND DRAINING YOUR hut tub FOR THE WINTER. However, if you decide not to use your spa during the winter, we recommend you winterize as follows:

1) If you drain your spa, turn off the main power to the spa hut tub. Drain as completely as possible. You may want to use a wet-vacuum or high-pressure blower to evacuate as much water as possible.


2) When the HOT TUB is completely empty, loosen all pump unions and fittings to allow air and water to expand freely within the system. This should help prevent water from freezing and damaging pipes and fittings. The idea is to try to eliminate water from any sealed areas in the system.


A power outage can cause your spa Hot Tub equipment system to freeze quickly. During freezing conditions, check your Outdoor spa frequently to ensure proper operation. Be sure to check your spa after any power failure to ensure the spa is operational.

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