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SpaRelax Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 28, 2015

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hut tub end of cylinder, cylinder, there are sprinklers and at least two pairs, much more than a dozen, it is used for water, to achieve the effect of massage.

The bottom nozzles of the main is to massage the back, main cylinder head massage the soles of the feet, on both sides of the body and the shoulder.

hut tub none standard massage nozzle configuration, Kaldewei whirlpool bath, at least 8 nozzles, United States hut tub and 4.

hut tub on your nozzle configuration, is generally divided into two single systems and hybrid systems, single system, a single water-jet and Jet, composite systems, it is sprayed with a jet of water.

Buy what kind of massage, it is necessary to know the effect of nozzle and nozzle combination effects.

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