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imple Analysis of the complexity of traditional civil Pool

SpaRelax Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 26, 2016

The complex of traditional civil swimming spa pool is not only reflected on the the long-period and large projects for design and construction, involving as much equipment systems, but also in post-maintenance and time-consuming maintenance. Additional, its depreciation and non-negotiable characteristic makes the traditional pool extremely uneconomical. Please forgive SpaRelax straightforward. Let’s start discussing the facts as following



To install a civil Pool, firstly you should ask a professional engineering firm to design the pool, after site inspection and measurement, they will begin to design drawings, and then offer quotation. After all is ready, it starts to construct. During the time, you should ask a few more companies to do detailed comparison. In pre-design process, it at least takes two or three months, as almost the same time as the decoration of the house, which is also a mental energy matter.

After all is already to start construction, which is the most complicated procedure. The ground-breaking, reinforced cement, Such a big house become instantly the whole into a construction site and dusty.


Civil swimming pool, do you think is it finished after you dig a hole and make brick masonry? You had to build a room near the pool, otherwise how to do heating and filtering? The construction of a machine room equipment involves: circulating pumps, filters, heat exchangers, disinfection equipment, drug library, control equipment, hair collection, dehumidifiers, etc., In short, it is like the construction of a small sewage treatment plants ( As shown in FIG). Post-maintenance also takes manpower, decontamination, weed and dust, bird feces, leaves ,mosquitoes , none of these will be less. The most important is that if you want to sell house, the civil pool cannot be brought on the plane. But if you use swim spa pool of SpaRelax, you can directly transfer to your friends or family, also you can sell swimming spa as a good price as cars.


Of course, if you want to build a large swimming pool with a few hundred square meters, the traditional civil way is a must Or if you just want a private pool in the small courtyard to do entertainment, then why are you taking so much trouble? Just take you a morning, Swimming Pool Spa of SpaRelax can allow you to wear a bikini to show, simple to be happy, is not it?



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