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How to choose really fit your bathtub

SpaRelax Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 28, 2015

Pros: easily molded; heat preservation performance is good; good gloss light weight, easy to install; shape, color variety abundant. Due to the above characteristics, Acrylic Bathtub cost cheaper.

Disadvantages: ceramic, enamel surface, acrylic material weakness is a dirty, noisy when water injection, poor resistance to high temperature, do not wear, aging discoloration on the surface, but imports only relatively good quality acrylic cylinders.

Cast iron bathtub? D the use of cast iron and the surface enamel.

Advantages: long service life, high grade, easy to clean, due to the cylinder wall thickness, insulation performance is also very good. And cast iron cylinder gloss, life span is the longest of the three cylinder. Wear resistance of cast iron bathtubs to acid and alkali, is superior to similar products.

Disadvantages: weight is very impressive, so transportation and installation are difficult. Because of many factors, and steel tub cast iron tub price biyakeli is a lot more expensive, prices are the most expensive.

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