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Benefits of using ozone swimming pool

SpaRelax Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 28, 2015

Benefits of using ozone swimming pool

Ozone and its secondary products (such as hydroxyl) has the most powerful bactericidal and virucidal effect, can be useful to prevent the spread of infectious diseases,

Experiments show that the same concentrations of ozone kills bacteria and viruses are 600-3000 times the chlorine.

When the ozone concentration is 1mg/L, fecal coli inactivation only takes 5 seconds, with the same concentrations of chlorine to achieve the same effect you need 15,000 seconds.

Ozone is an internationally recognized eco-friendly green fungicide will not cause any secondary environmental pollution, chlorine reacts with organic matter in water to form various chlorinated organic compounds such as chloroform and trichloromethane, these substances are recognized cancer-causing mutagens. When people swim, these toxic substances are absorbed by the body (body in the water can absorb 500 ml of water per hour).

Chlorinated organic compounds in the water will also stimulate the eyes and skin, causing red eye and skin rashes.

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