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Bathroom renovation strategy, a new shower room to attack the bathtub

SpaRelax Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 28, 2015

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Shower tub Cannon as the toilet area increases, new larger cleaning products are welcomed by consumers, which includes showers, Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna, massage in a new computer steam shower room.

Progressively faster pace of life in modern day with tension and tiredness. This makes us want more completely relaxed, relaxing bath is the best choice. New shower room is waiting for consumer demand, spray, massage, steam, combined into one. Computer temperature regulation is a must for people who don't have to worry about the season limit.

Bathroom renovation strategy, a new shower room to attack the bathtub

Shower room or bathroom walls installed a safety barrier, don't have to worry about water, such as damp walls, ceramic tile from spilling off trouble. Lot of advantages make shower room is gradually replaced the traditional unshakable position as the preferred family bathroom.

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Transparent bathroom lifted the infinite reveries sanitary space used to be a very intimate space, but nowadays very popular European bathroom, bedroom integration into China, many in life fashion, taste and individuality of the people open to transparent bathroom.

The bathroom adjacent to the master bedroom, between the two separated only with a matte or transparent glass, make the bathroom appear transparent effect. Due to no wall of block, master can see room of each corner, bathroom in the vapor filled, inside figure in bead curtain Xia looming, this mystery makes transparent bathroom of charm more big has, not only rich has main bedroom of charm, makes space more permeability, in Visual Shang up to expanded space of role, and makes two a different of function space thaw became a overall, let whole home more with modern breath. In this space, are very prone to many associations and expectations.

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